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Caroma on Collins

As the finalist of AGWA Design Awards 2024, the Caroma project answers the question, “What is the point of a physical showroom in the age of internet shopping?” What does an Australian brand mean in today’s international society, and how can products be offered intellectually to clients in the global market?

Designed by Archier, the result thoughtfully deploys physical space to deliver what the internet cannot: an authentic experience to slow down and explore. Not a traditional showroom, ⁠Caroma presents an advanced comprehension of Australian culture and innovation. ⁠

The architecture is filled with an inviting and spacious ambience with no intimidation. Designers are conscious of the “paradox of choice,” where excessive options assemble anxiety—therefore, products are exhibited in limited numbers in an interactive way, blurring the fixed convention.⁠

Featuring BINQ's high-performance windows and doors enhances the outcomes of the project's commitment to sustainability. Our quality thermal performance ranges maintain the building at a comfortable temperature all year round by preventing warm and cool air leaks, reducing energy bills and consumption while maximising natural lighting.⁠

Architect: Archier

Builder: CJ Duncan

Photographer: Katherine Lu

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