nightingale housing


Binq is proud to be a project parter of Nightingale Housing.


Nightingale Housing was founded by Breathe Architecture and is now a standalone social enterprise.


Nightingale find sites, rally impact investors, appoint an architect, engage with future Nightingale residents to ballot apartments, appoint a builder and manage the process of bringing a Nightingale building to life.


They cut everything out that isn’t needed to deliver real homes. Marketing, display suits and profit. Build less, give more.


They include things that make homes robust and liveable, long term. Proper glazing, proper insulation and certified green power.


They keep costs low by working with values aligned partners.


They work hard to find the best way to build homes and then do it better.


Binq have supplied The Commons, Nightingale 1.0, Nightingale 2.0, and continue to collaborate with Nightingale Housing to ensure that their future residents have the highest quality, best performing, sustainable windows and doors.


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