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Made from high performance, thermally broken aluminium, BINQ's Hinged Thermally Broken Hinged Doors are a premium quality door on the market.


  • 64mm or 104mm Frame

  • Double Glazing

Size Restrictions

  • Up to 2.4m high

  • Up to 3.6m wide


  • uVal - 3.0

  • SHGC - TBC




Add your own touch with our range of colour finishes.




Windows with standard glass provide little to no insulation properties, and are the thermal weak point in buildings. In an average home, 40% of heat loss and 87% of heat gain is through inefficient glazing*.

An energy efficient window helps minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling, and makes the most of the natural climate resources. Insulglass IGU units are an essential component to minimise the need for artificial heating and cooling, reducing heat transfer by over 50%.

Utilising energy efficient glass has many benefits:

  • Comfort levels: it will be naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, internal drafts and condensation is reduced

  • Energy savings: lowered cost for conditioning spaces with artificial heat and cooling

  • Less greenhouse emissions: with a lower load impact on artificial heating and cooling, there is less energy output and reduced emissions

  • Noise reduction: filters out significantly more noise than standard glass

Choose from;

  • Low E

  • Laminated Glass

  • Obscure Glass

  • Toughened Glass

  • Tinted Glass

  • Double Glazing