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European Design and Engineered, the Archetto series is a high performance range of products that is crafted from thick 68mm timber profiles, which make them incredibly thermally efficient . The Archetto series provides a glazing rebate of up to 36mm and comes with double glazing as standard, with triple glazing options available. Achieving uVals as low as 1 & SHGC's as low as .258, the Archetto series provides a solution for Passive House requirements.


The Archetto series can be made from both Victorian Ash to achieve a BAL19 certification or Blackbutt to achieve BAL29 certification.


With limiting hardware restrictions, the size and scale of these products are endless, allowing you the ultimate flexibility in your design. The Archetto series uses heavy duty, high security hardware imported from Italy & Germany, which is engineered to carry heavy weights, allowing for expansive design by large scale openings. 

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