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Doors and Windows Throughout Australia



BINQ Timber Windows and Doors provide luxury, comfort and performance all in one. Made from select grade timber and sourced from a local supply chain, our quality assurance process of our timber is rigourous ensuring that only the finest lengths of timber progress to the production floor.

With some of the most advanced machinery available, it not only allows us precision with our joinery, but allows us to be highly automated and fast track the production process, whilst maintaining a high quality of workmanship.

Timber provides optimumal thermal efficiency, so your home stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.



European Design and Engineered, the Archetto series is crafted from thick 68mm timber profiles, which provide highly thermal efficienct options. Within limiting hardware restrictions, the size and scale of these products are endless, allowing you the ultimate flexibility in your design.


We've taken Australian designed window systems and given them some European flare. Our Azione series is crafed from 40mm timber profiles, and enhanced sealing systems, which surpass any other of their kind.

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