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To ensure that your timber doors and windows are operating and looking brand new, we recommend that occasionally, you are taking a look and giving them a bit of care.

Depending on the location of your doors and windows within certain sites, some may be at more risk of weather-related issues than others. To ensure your timber remains healthy, we recommend washing down your doors and windows with warm, soapy water. Different climates and locations require more frequent attention than others due to natural circumstances that may surround you. Below are common locations that we regularly see and how often we recommend you take action.

Beach Front - Every 3 months
Coastal - Every 6 months
Standard - Every 12 months

Finished Windows:
For finishes, we recommend giving them a thorough rinse down with warm, soapy water when appropriate.

For stained finishes, we recommend re-coating them every 4-5 years


  • To re-coat effectively, wash units with warm, soapy water.

  • Once dry, give them a light sand, taking off a THIN layer of stain

  • Apply desired stain using a soft bristle brush to any areas that need to be re-coated.affected areas Once sanding is finished, remove all remaining dust left over by blowing air thoroughly across all

  • Apply the stain to ensure that the affected areas match the rest of the product and let dry for 12 hours

  • Once dry, apply top coat with a soft bristle brush (1 coat) and allow to dry for 12 hours

Things to remember
Timber products that are in the direct sunlight without any cover or eave for protection are more prone to being damaged over time than those that are.

Once you begin your process of re-staining or re applying paint to your doors/windows, it is important to NOT leave any part of the product unprotected without stain or paint for extended periods of time.

If you experience violent weather, we recommend (once it is safe to do so), to assess any debris or other factors that may have caused damage to your doors/windows.

If you have any sliding doors or windows, every once in a while, check the bottom tracks on the sills to ensure there is no dust or debris that may damage the mechanisms of your operable sashes/panels.

If timber is not properly coated, it is more prone to bowing and warping as opposed to something that is stained or painted.

If using an oil based product, ALWAYS check with your coating supplier if it is safe to use on our products.

Some oil-based products are known to corrode the silicon that is used stabilize and protect the glass within your doors/windows.

When maintaining your doors and windows, it is always important to use the most appropriate safety measures when possible. (E.g., wearing a mask when sanding, covering skin when using certain coatingproducts, having the correct equipment for hard-to-reach areas.)

It is also important to remember that some tasks are a lot easier with a helping hand. At BINQ, your safety is just as important as our own. Always seek assistance if a task is too strenuous or may cause risk to your own health or those around you.

If you require more information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff in our head office.

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