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Here at BINQ, our efforts towards bringing our customers unequivocal excellence and craftmanship begins from the planning of your quotation, all the way to the after sales services. 

There are many moving parts involved in delivering a successful project, and communication is vital to ensure a smooth process. To help with this process, we’ve detailed a step by step process, to help you understand what to expect once you’ve placed an order with us.


You’ve given us instructions that you’d like to proceed with the order, but there are details that need to be confirmed such as sizes, stain colours or handle options.


You’ve given us instructions that you’d like to proceed with the order and all the details are confirmed for the order to progress to production.


Once you’re ready for your windows, you’ll need to pay any outstanding deposit, and either you or your builder will need to confirm your order. If there are site works carried out by us, site manager will perform a site measure and site inspection. From this point, it’s generally and 8 to 10 week process before you’ll get your windows on site.


To keep you up to date with the progress of your order, you’ll receive an email an email from our customer service department confirming that your goods are ready to go into production. You’ll also receive a link on where you can track your order which will give you a rough date on the expected completion date.


Depending on which state you’re in, you’ll receive an Order Completion email between two and four weeks before your order is going to be ready. This email will also contain a copy of your invoice and provide you with instruction on how to make your final payment and when it’s due.


Only once your final payment has been received, your order will be scheduled for delivery. For interstate orders, it is HIGHLY recommended that your final payment is made as early as possible to ensure enough time is allowed for bookings to be made with our trusted transport company to avoid any delays. If your order requires site glazing/installation, you will be contacted to schedule a delivery date and our site team will be in touch directly with you to book in a time to complete their works.


By this stage, we are confident that you are happily enjoying your new state of the art window and door systems! If there are any concerns surrounding your new products, our customer service team are readily available to take your queries into consideration. All it takes is either a phone call to our head office or visit to lodge a service request.


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