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Doors and Windows Throughout Australia


European designed and engineered our uPVC windows are some of the highest performing windows in the world.

Unlike traditional uPVC windows, our uPVC profiles are a slimline design which minimises the amount of framing material and maximises the amount of glass, leaving you with a room full of light and an enchanced view of your outdoors.

With a state of the art, european made, fully automated production line to be installed in our new manufacturing facility, we can ensure that the highest quality of windows are made on time, everytime,

Much like timber, uPVC provides optimal thermal efficiency, which will far surpass the performance of aluminium, in some cases by over 70%, and our uPVC is capible of achieving uValues of below 1.

Available in a range of colour and textured finishes, there isn't a look that can't be achieved.

Fire rated to up to BAL40 in certain systems, our uPVC profiles withstand the harshest enviroments.



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