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BINQ have a dedicated team of highly qualified in house installers whom specialize in the installation of our products and travel throughout Australia.

Each have intricate knowledge on our window systems which means that at the time of installation, each product is run through a quality assurance test to ensure that it is operating correctly and will be free from defects from years to come.

All our installers have been provided with the necessary training of the hardware in particular so that at then time of doing the installation any required adjustments can be completed on the day.

Depending on the weight of the product, in some cases, site glazing is required. Generally speaking, units that are over 80kg's, although there are manufacturing techniques to reduce the handling weights, like decoupling sashes and delivering them to be fitted on site.


In cases of site glazing, our installers are highly trained on the handling of glass and the particular techniques required to glaze our systems

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