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Glover St

Situated in Sydney, the Glover St project is a captivating modern house with energy-efficient windows and intelligent door designs.


Crafted by the talented architect Edward Dieppe and expertly constructed by iConstruct, they chose our Tilt & Turn Window, Lift & Slide Door, IV68 Hinged Door, and Azione Fixed Window.


BINQ Tilt and Turn Windows are the best-performing (lowest uValue) window manufactured in Australia. With the turn of a handle, the window tilts in at the top, promoting passive and secure ventilation and keeping this modern house fresh. It also features Australian-made double or triple-glased safety glass and a high-security multipoint locking system, providing the ultimate security.


The Lift and Slide Doors feature large expanses of glass, high security, thermal performance, ease of use, or pure aesthetics. They have double-glased safety glass, a high-security multipoint locking system, and a unique Italian-made key made exclusive to BINQ, making it impossible to replicate.


Designed by: Edward Dieppe from Dieppe Design

Built by: iConstruct

Photographed by: Luke Butterly

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