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plowman, north bondi


The Cricket Pitch house is a 2 storey garden house, designed specifically around the owner’s love of backyard cricket.

The linear organisation of the house creates a long north-facing side yard that maximises solar access to the house, while also forming the ideal dimensions for t he cricket pitch.

The roof ridge runs along the diagonal of the building, creating four different facades, each responding to their orientation.

Finely detailed board finished concrete provides texture and mass to the study and entry spaces, while large timber framed glass sliding doors open from the dining and living spaces to the garden.

The upper brick volume is punctured by horizontal windows, framed by painted steel surrounds that protect the glass from the intense summer sun.

Product Selection:

Lift Slide >

Awning >

Fixed >

IV40 Hinged >

Tilt & Turn >

Stain Colour: Blackwood

Architect: Scale Architecture

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