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working far from home


Working Far From Home is all about adapting to adventurous surroundings, which is why SPACECUBE partnered with Jeep in their latest advertising campaign to launch the new Jeep Gladiator and our new Adaptable Living range.


This particular module has been customised in collaboration with Jeep and showcases the synergies between quality design and manufacturing from the home to automotive. The SPACECUBE dwelling provides all the luxuries and technology you need to experience Working Far From Home, off-the-grid, in remote locations.


It's fully loaded with SunPower Solar Panels and fitted with Tesla power-walls so that you can stay online while you’re working off-grid and connected to the surrounding environment.


From the Panoramic skylight that illuminates the bedroom to the spacious patio made perfect for alfresco conference calls and coffee breaks, SPACECUBE has crafted a space that will help alleviate stress and drive motivation far from home.




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