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Panel House

An Inspiring Passivhaus

The moment you walk inside, you can feel the warmth and smart design. The Panel House is named after its beautiful panel feature and is a Passivhaus built by G-LUX. It is an ideal example for people like you who are interested in sustainable living and Australian passive houses.

Windows play an essential role in the design as the house's insulating property. During winter days, BINQ's north-facing windows can obtain up to twice the sunlight and heating. This introduces pleasant natural light and passive energy into the home.⁠

Featuring our Archetto series with triple-glazed windows, the Panel House has maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. They chose our Australian-made Tilt and Turn Window, IV68 Hinged Door, and Lift and Slide Door.⁠

Builder: G-LUX⁠
Photographer: Marnie Hawson⁠

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