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700 haus


Designed by Glow Design, the house was designed to blend with the surrounding corrugated sheds, but also to feel like a home. The design process was that of testing ideas and feedback form the clients. The design was catered for high rainfall, to maximize views and for comfort in what is for a majority of the year cold conditions.

The design lined up various viewpoints on the land, but also needed to take into account additional norther solar gains.

The house aims to be located off the grid supplying its own water power and treating its waste. There are numerous ways it does this through the use of strong built in insulation, low voltage appliances and various water saving devices.

The house comfort and views will be with the family as they grow. Living and enjoying the location for years to come.

Designed by: Glow Building Design

Product Selection:

Lift Slide >

Tilt Turn >

Awning >

Bi Fold Door >

Stain Colour: Maple

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