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Bastings court

Designed by MRTN Architects, the house located in Epping blended with the surroundings while deploying many timer and green elements inside to create a relaxed home. 

Built by Resicon, they chose our Awning with an Electric Actuator, Azione Fixed Window, Tilt & Turn Window, Casement Window, Bifold Door, and Lift & Slide Stacker Door.

Timber has a warm and inviting aesthetic that adds a touch of natural beauty to any space. High-performance timber doors and windows showcase the natural grain and texture of the wood, creating a visually pleasing environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility.

They also help to regulate indoor temperatures and create a cozy atmosphere. Their ability to enhance comfort and tranquility makes them popular for homeowners seeking to create a peaceful and inviting living environment.

Designed by: MRTN Architects
Built by: Resicon
Photographed by: Derek Swalwell

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